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6 Web 3 Projects Uplifting Black Communities

Blockchain technology is changing the game, unifying artists and communities across the globe.
Adrianna Lakatos
February 16, 2023

There’s no denying the fact that multi-million dollar NFT sales have revolutionized the art world. But what’s going on beyond the mainstream headlines?

Blockchain technology is empowering artists and encouraging impact in new ways.

We’re passionate about making crypto and Web 3 accessible to everyone, and we’re already making great strides toward that goal. As many as 25% of Black Americans with a household income over $50,000 own cryptocurrency, according to an April 2022 survey, compared to just 15% of White Americans with a similar income. It doesn’t stop there, either— 38% of Black people under 40 own cryptocurrency, compared to 29% of White people under 40. Blockchain technology is changing the game, unifying artists and communities across the globe.

How often have you heard of NFTs being a force for good? A push towards racial justice and equality? A force of hope and change for Black people and other marginalized communities?

It’s time we challenge the status quo— and highlight the brave artists, activists, and communities with a common goal: to use the power of Web 3 as a force for good. BIPOC creators shouldn't have to bear the burden of pointing people to their projects repeatedly—they should be highlighted and just as easy to find as other projects dominating the space.

Not sure what communities and artists should be on your radar? Here are 5 Web 3 communities advancing racial and social justice.

#1: Code Green

Image: Code Green

Code Green is a nonprofit organization that uses art to fight for social and climate justice. Using self-described “radically green tech”, Code Green makes great strides when it comes to sustainability— but their activism doesn’t stop with environmental concerns. Code Green has partnered with other large NFT communities like World of Women, raising over $1.5 million dollars for nonprofits.

In December of 2022, during Miami Art Basel week, the team helped organize and co-host an event called La Maison Noire, which had a mission to celebrate, empower, and onboard more Black women into the Web 3 space*.* Their new 1—54 Collector Pass is minting in late 2023, and it will feature art drops from iconic African artists. Code Green has plans for continued activism through NFT launches, events, and more.

#2: Umba Daima


Umba Daima is an empowering venture studio that embraces emerging technologies— with activism at the forefront.

They’re building rich cultural communities with a mission to educate, embrace diversity, and uplift Black creators. Umba Daima has incubated several communities—including a network that shares resources and hosts monthly workshops and networking events both online and in person.

Umba Daima’s sponsors include Visa, Afrotech, Christies, and OpenSea, among other prominent companies in and out of the Web 3 space. From their token-gated community called Rise Collectors Club, to their podcast, multiple NFT collections, curated art roundups, and even their own media brand, Umba Daima is a true hub of all things under the umbrella of Web 3 activism.

#3: Conscious Crypto Creator Program


Arts Help is a nonprofit organization making big waves when it comes to social and environmental justice. They recently launched the Conscious Crypto Creator program in partnership with Talenthouse.

The Conscious Crypto Creator Program is an education hub that helps to unlock opportunities for marginalized communities through education— all while fighting climate change. They’re offering $3.5 Million in grants, and aim to help artists unlock the benefits of this new digital frontier.

There are several lessons in the program, exploring blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs. Many of these lessons take time to explore the empowering effect crypto can have on people historically excluded from financial systems, like Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC), women, and immigrants.

#4: THE BLACK ARTS PROJECT x Aurélia Durand

Image: THE BLACK ARTS PROJECT x Aurélia Durand

The Black Arts Project is a new initiative featuring curated NFT projects. The mission behind The Black Arts Project is to create an inclusive and creative Web 3 community while celebrating and supporting important causes for Black communities "from grassroots to the metaverse.

The first launch in the collection is from artist, illustrator, activist, and New York Times bestselling author Aurélia Durand.  With an extensive creative background, Aurélia Durand is no stranger to the digital art space. The collection of 10,000 generative NFTs will feature bold colors, a call for empowerment, and a proud celebration of Aurélia’s Afro-descendants.

#5: 50mm Collective

raven trammell 50mmm collective nft
Photo by Raven Trammell.

50mm Collective is a digital art collective founded by Raven Trammell and Chelsea Quintela.  They provide resources, opportunities, and education to underrepresented artists, with a primary focus on uplifting BIPOC Trans and Queer artists.

Creators are highlighted with 50mm Collective showcasing their work in curated online galleries. They frequently host workshops and other events, and they even have an online shop where 100% of sales proceeds go back into supporting artists directly within the collective.

#6: Black@

Black@ is a vibrant and dynamic token-gated community designed for Black creatives, investors, community builders and entrepreneurs. This community provides a platform for Black professionals to connect, collaborate, and invest in one another.

By fostering a strong sense of community and providing access to valuable resources, Black@ is helping to create a more equitable and inclusive world for Black people in Web 3.

At Givepact, we’re on a mission to build a better world in Web 3.

It’s time we shift the spotlight and highlight art that makes a difference, while uplifting more underrepresented creators that are pushing for change using the power of art and community.

It’s our job to amplify these creators, support their mission, and spread their word even further.