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Crypto donor-advised funds for the next generation.

Set up a DAF with the Givepact Charitable Foundation to grow and grant your assets. It's like having your own foundation, but better.
Open a DAF
Immediate Tax Benefits
Contribute to your DAF to receive an immediate tax benefit for the value of the assets donated and avoid capital gains taxes on appreciated assets.
Tax-Free Investment Appreciation
Store your assets in a crypto portfolio of your choice and watch them grow. Convert the holdings to cash at any time, tax-free.
Future Grantmaking
Issue grants to certified 501(c)(3) nonprofits from your DAF at any time, now or in the future.
Simplified Record Keeping
Bring together all of your charitable giving under one roof to simplify tax planning and track donation receipts.
Legacy Planning
Leave a legacy of impact. Choose a successor to manage your DAF in the future.
Fees Fund the Givepact DAO
A portion of DAF administrative fees fund a social impact DAO, where you can join our community to decide how the treasury is deployed.

Investment Options

Contribute or invest any of 50+ supported tokens.
Stake ETH, AVAX or DOT. Donate the yield from your account to your favorite nonprofits year-after-year.
Store an appreciated NFT for an immediate tax benefit. Liquidate it tax-free later to top-off your fund.
Contribute good old-fashioned cash, or convert any of your crypto holdings to cash within the account tax-free at any time.
Givepact Charitable Foundation is a certified tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. Our donor-advised funds are custodied with a trust company chartered under the State of Wyoming and regulated by the Wyoming Division of Banking.