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A New Look for Givepact, a Web 3 Brand Here to Stay

We're excited to introduce a long-lasting identity for our company and community.
By Alicia Maule and Steven Aguiar
January 30, 2023

In June 2022, we incorporated Givepact, INC and the Givepact Charitable Foundation as part of our journey to build a meaningful community that helps nonprofits leverage Web 3. Over 99% of organizations in the U.S. do not have a way to accept crypto donations or participate in this new digital economy, so we're building the payment rails to help convert crypto to cash for all 1.5 million nonprofits. The platform will launch this spring, and in the meantime, we’re sharing our new brand and website with you.

Givepact is a unique payment platform that accepts Ethereum, Bitcoin, ERC-20 tokens, and credit cards, and will reward active community members with different rewards. We will also re-invest a portion of our transaction fees into a social impact DAO where $PACT token holders can decide how those funds will be allocated. We believe the DAO treasury could have an especially powerful impact on individuals harmed by humanitarian crises like wars and climate disasters. The DAO could also be used as a creative sandbox for members to propose new tech or tools that can advance their organizations’ missions. The exciting opportunity here is allowing the community to collectively participate in decision-making.

Tech aside, the team at Givepact has a few fundamental principles that are core to who we are:

  1. We exist because we believe in compassion for our community and progressive causes over everything.
  2. We’re bridging the gap between the social impact space and Web 3 community.
  3. We serve nonprofits and donors.
  4. We maintain a tone of hope, relevance, precision, and support. 
  5. We seek to change the culture to embrace what’s possible when using technology to accelerate social impact. 

With these values in mind, we hired one of our favorite artists Jonathan Key of award-winning MorcosKey to make sure Givepact’s visual identity matches its mission.

givepact icon

The logo, designed by the MorcosKey team, is a circular chain made of links in motion symbolizing the push and pull of people coming together to make an impact.

"The Givepact logo was inspired by the dynamic relationship between technology and community building,” said Jonathan Key, co-founder of Morcos Key

“We wanted to portray the malleable and adaptable way technology can redefine how an online platform can work for and with non-profits and community partners. The icon responds not only to the connecting individuals creating this circle but morphs into a pulsating symbol of change — capturing the essence of how internal and external factors can create positive shifts in behavior and action."

Givepact’s branding includes three primary colors — blue, black, and white — and three accent colors — yellow, orange, and green. Our primary typeface is Roc Grotesk, with secondary fonts ABC Diatype Variable Regular and Source Serif Regular.

givepact colors

We hope you love our new look as much as we do and begin to get a sense of our commitment to building the leading Web 3 technology company facilitating a network of social impact products. We look forward to launching the platform, including a store with wearable items this spring.

givepact merch

To learn more, click around the website, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and sign up for our weekly newsletter. If you’re working for a nonprofit, join the platform waitlist.

We have a few months to make sure Givepact becomes everyone’s favorite charitable platform. And, we’re off! 

Thank you for being part of our community,

Alicia + Steve