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Givepact Joins Outlier Ventures, a Leading Web 3 Accelerator

Givepact is positioned to help "onboard the next billion users through simplified end-user experiences.”
Givepact Staff
February 9, 2023

New York, New York – Givepact, a crypto fundraising platform for nonprofits, announced today that it has joined the Outlier Ventures Basecamp accelerator program. This exciting news marks a new chapter in Givepact’s growth and development, as the company benefits from Outlier’s extensive network of experts and mentors.

Outlier Ventures is a well-established player in the crypto space, having incubated over 185 teams since their founding in 2013, including Chainlink and Polkadex. They are recognized as the leading crypto accelerator, providing venture funding and specialized support in fundraising, tokenomics, DAOs, product, and more. 

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Within the cohort, Givepact is considered a "mainstream Web 3" company. For Outlier, this means Givepact is positioned to help "onboard the next billion users through simplified end-user experiences that lower barriers to entry and present clear and innovative use cases."

In just three weeks of participating in the program, Givepact has already benefited from Outlier’s expertise. 

“The Outlier Ventures Basecamp program is exactly the strategic support we need to take Givepact to the next level,” said Alicia Maule, CEO and co-founder of Givepact. “Outlier’s support and expertise in all aspects of a Web 3 startup will be key to strengthening Givepact’s growth and impact. We look forward to continuing to work with Outlier as we bring our vision to life.”

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Companies in Base Camp 9 cohort

Nomiks – Nomiks is the Chain Analysis for Web3 Economies allowing users to design, monitor and forecast token outcomes through battle-tested simulations with a customizable and scalable process.

Givepact – Givepact is the crypto fundraising platform for nonprofits that funds a social impact DAO.

Oddin – Oddin is a Web3 user acquisition platform based on wallet behaviour and IP data.

Me3 – Me3 allows users and developers to connect and access the non-custodial blockchain in a simple and easy to use manner.

SureFX – SureFX is the DeFi currency hedging protocol for emerging markets.

Sparkwave – Sparkwave provides Web3-native loyalty programs for Web2 brands.

OpenTrade – Open Trade brings real yield to Web3 treasurers

Etherspot – Etherspot improves your dApp’s UX by removing usability pain-points for a frictionless Web3. is an AI-generative digital collectibles platform for e-commerce, enabling merchants to drive brand awareness through customers by offering engaging 2D/3D social referral content with loyalty incentives.

HaHa – HaHa Wallet offers the #1 solution for trading NFTs on mobile. Get notifications, portfolio track, set limit orders, and keep tabs on mints, all on the go.

Cryptologic – Cryptologic provides a transaction monitoring engine that helps market makers and Web3 projects identify and manage risk using conditional automation and machine learning algorithms.

Blockless – Blockless supercharges dApp development and performance platforms with ZK verifiable execution.

TokensOps – Vesting Labs allows Web3 startups to visualize, manage and create vesting schedules & treasury, while enabling investors & communities to get transparency on them.

About Givepact

Givepact, founded in June 2022, is a crypto fundraising platform for nonprofits that funds a social impact DAO. The giving platform is launching in spring 2023 is backed by Outlier Ventures and CPG Pop

About Outlier Ventures

Outlier Ventures is a leading crypto accelerator that provides venture funding and specialized support to startups that are shaping the future of the decentralized web. With over 185 teams incubated and a network of over 190 in-house crypto experts, Outlier Ventures is the go-to destination for startups looking to succeed in the fast-paced crypto space.