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Givepact CEO Emcees Filecoin Sustainable Blockchain Summit

SBS brings together the Ethereum community to promote sustainability.
Givepact Staff
October 15, 2022

In October, Givepact co-founder and CEO, Alicia Maule, traveled to Bogotà, Colombia for the Devcon conference. The conference brings together developers, researchers, and other members of the Ethereum community to share knowledge, collaborate on projects, and discuss the latest developments and advancements in the field.

Alicia was invited to be a moderator for the Sustainable Blockchain Summit (SBS), which was held in conjunction with the conference. The summit, organized by Filecoin Green, a subsidary of Protocal Labs, “seeks to catalyze projects that will better align the global economy with the natural world, and broaden the scope of our ambitions to encompass all planetary boundaries required to keep our world habitable.”

During her time in Bogotà, Alicia learned from others and gained a deeper understanding of the ways in which blockchain can be used to promote sustainability and address environmental challenges around the world. 

Overall, the conference was a great opportunity for her to connect with other industry leaders and gain valuable insights into the latest trends and developments in the green blockchain space. It was also a chance for her to share her experience and insights on how Givepact is using blockchain to fund nonprofits. 

Watch the conference panels below.