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7 Key Things to Know About Crypto Philanthropy and Givepact

The platform is designed to make donations frictionless for nonprofits and donors.
July 5, 2023

In the rapidly evolving landscape of fundraising and philanthropy, Givepact stands out as a game-changer to make it very simple for donors to give crypto to the causes they love. This innovative platform harnesses the power of cryptocurrency to transform the way we support charitable causes. The platform is also designed to make it frictionless for nonprofits to benefit from the crypto economy. If you're curious about Givepact and how it can invigorate the world of giving, here are seven key things you need to know about the platform. 

  1. Crypto Fundraising Made Easy:

Givepact is a user-friendly crypto fundraising platform designed specifically for any U.S. nonprofit (501c3) organization. The platform simplifies the process of accepting cryptocurrency donations, providing a seamless and secure experience for both nonprofits and their supporters. On Givepact, donors can give crypto to their favorite charity and we’ll convert the donation to cash, making the complexities of crypto easier for nonprofits to access. The exciting news is that on average crypto donors give 82x more than cash donors or $10,500. Soon, we’ll also accept credit cards and create wallets for non-crypto natives.

  1. Free for nonprofits:

We’re really proud to make Givepact free for nonprofits. This means that organizations can embrace the benefits of cryptocurrency donations without any financial burden. Givepact's commitment to supporting nonprofits underscores its mission to empower charitable organizations and maximize their impact. Givepact charges donors 5% per transaction fee. If you work at a nonprofit, find and claim the organization's page here.

  1. Givepact transaction fees funds a social impact DAO: 

Givepact charges 5% transaction fee per donation. From that fee, 20% funds a social impact DAO housed in the Givepact Charitable Foundation. Donors and nonprofits staff who join the Givepact community are part of the DAO and have the power to create proposals and vote on how the funds are allocated. This way, the community has a say in how these funds can be most impactful toward the most urgent causes. 

  1. Givepact rewards donors with a proof of donation NFT (Coming soon):

The Givepact proof of donation NFT is a dynamic, soulbound NFT that evolves based on a donor’s giving history, providing an on-chain record of their philanthropy and DAO participation. When you make your first donation, you’ll soon be rewarded with an NFT in your wallet and its unique traits can be seen on OpenSea. 

Givepact's proof of donation NFT.

  1. A Genesis Token for the first 1,000 donors (Coming soon): 

Givepact celebrates and rewards early adopters and supporters through the Givepact Genesis Token. The first 1,000 donors who contribute a minimum of $200 in cryptocurrency or more will soon be rewarded with this exclusive digital token, alongside their proof of donation NFT (Genesis token to be distributed later in the year). The Genesis Token grants access to special privileges and benefits within the Givepact community, creating a sense of belonging and recognition for trailblazers in crypto philanthropy.

Givepact is making crypto donations accessible, seamless, and cost-free for nonprofits, Givepact is democratizing philanthropy and empowering organizations to embrace the benefits of cryptocurrency. With exclusive features, ongoing support, and the rewarding Genesis Token, Givepact is a platform that fosters innovation, collaboration, and positive change.

If you're passionate about making a difference and want to embrace the transformative potential of crypto philanthropy, Givepact is the platform for you. Join the movement, unlock new possibilities, and be a part of shaping the future of giving with Givepact.

  1. Givepact API for Web 3 companies:

Givepact will soon have an API available making it easy for Web 3 companies to give to charity. Givepact’s API will seamlessly integrate with the $1T crypto ecosystem including DAOs, NFT collections, and Web 3 companies. eCommerce data shows that by integrating charitable giving on a platform, customers increase their engagement and transactions on the platform. For every $1 donated by merchants to charity, $4.88 in new sales is generated. Also, 81% of millennials want companies to be good corporate citizens and the biggest demographic in crypto are millennials. If you’re interested in learning more, reach us here.

  1. Givepact co-founders are college friends passionate about nonprofit fundraising:

Givepact co-founders Alicia Maule and Steven Aguiar met as DJs and entrepreneurs at Brown University in 2007. After graduating, they started their careers in digital strategy working for President Obama, MTV, The Fader, The Players Tribune and NBC News. For the last eight years, they’ve found their passion in nonprofit fundraising for organizations like the Innocence Project, Marie Stopes International, Restoring Justice, and more. In 2021, they knew something special was happening in crypto and started on a journey of building Givepact so nonprofits would not get left behind in the Web 3 revolution. 

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Givepact co-founders Steven Aguiar and Alicia Maule in New York's Chinatown. (Image: Nick Castle for Givepact)